I am a BBC-trained freelance Producer / Director with fourteen years experience making factual programmes for the BBC, Channel Four, Discovery and Netflix. I specialise in science programmes.

Programmes that I have directed include: "Horizon" (BBC TWO); "US Space Command (w/t)" (DISCOVERY); "Metamorphosis: The Science Of Change" (BBC FOUR); and "The Truth About..." (BBC ONE). I have also worked as Series Producer on "Food Unwrapped" (CHANNEL FOUR).

My skills include: self-shooting (FS7); scripting; directing; edit producing; development; securing access; filming with drones; CGI; managing large teams; and working with talent. I have filmed around the world – including on oil rigs, volcanoes and at the South Pole. I have a flair for turning the non-visual visual, and making beautifully quirky programmes.

You can download my CV here.

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